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Rubber tracks are manufactured by metal core, rubber and steel cord together; the finished product forms a continuous type structure. The construction of the rubber track incorporates 3 wound up metal cores which results in increased bend ability of the track when the crawler is in action. This results in low vibration and reduction in noise level. Reinforced edges are designed with thicker rubber added between the lugs. This reduces the incidence of slicing of the edges resulting in a longer operating cycle.



CG100 800x150x66 800x150x66 A2 AB      
CG110 800x150x66 800x150x66 A2 AB      
CG35 500x100x65 500x100x65 A2        
CG45 600x100x80 600x100x80 A2 AB      
CG65 700x100x98 700x100x98 A2 AB      
CG70 650x125x80            
CG8 250x72x46 230x72x46 A1 CB      
E33U 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N B1 CA      
EG08 180x72x37 180x72x37 A1 CB      
EG70R 700x100x96 700x100x96 A1        
EX08 180x72x37 190x72x37 A1 CB 180x72x37 A1 CB
EX08.1 180x72x37 190x72x37 A1 CB 180x72x37 A1 CB
EX08.2 180x72x37 190x72x37 A1 CB 180x72x37 A1 CB
EX08.2B 180x72x37 190x72x37 A1 A1 180x72x37 A1 CB
EX100 500x92x78 500x92x78W B1 CB      
EX10U 180x72x40 180x72x40 A1 BA      
EX10UX 180x72x40 180x72x40 A1        
EX12 200x72x42 200x72x42 A1 BA 230x72x42 A1 CB
EX12 230x96x31 230x96x31 B1 CB 230x48x62 B1 CA
EX12.1 230x96x31 230x96x31 B1 CB 230x48x62 B1 CA
EX12.2 230x96x31 230x96x31 B1 CB 230x48x62 B1 CA
EX120 500x92x84 500x92x84W B1        
EX135U 500x92x84 500x92x84W B1        
EX135VR 500x92x84 500x92x84W B1 B1      
EX14 230x72x42 230x72x42 A1 CB      
EX14SR 230x72x42 230x72x42 A1 CB      
EX15 230x96x31 230x96x31 B1 CB      
EX15.1 230x96x31 230x96x31 B1 CB      
EX15.2 230x96x31 230x96x31 B1 CB      
EX15SR 200x72x42 200x72x42 A1 BA      
EX15U 230x96x31 230x96x31 B1 CB      
EX15U 230x96x33 230x96x33 B1 CB      
EX15UR 230x96x35 230x96x35 B1 CB      
EX16 230x96x31 230x96x31 B1 CB      
EX16 230x96x33 230x96x33 B1 CB      
EX17 230x96x33 230x96x33 B1 CB      
EX17.2 230x96x33 230x96x33 B1 CB      
EX17.2B 230x96x33 230x96x33 B1 B1      
EX17U 230x96x35 230x96x35 B1 CB      
EX18.2 250x52,5x73 250x52,5x73N B1 CA      
EX20.2 250x52,5x73 250x52,5x73N B1 CA      
EX20U 250x96x41 250x96x41 B1        
EX20U.1 250x96x41 250x96x41 B1 B1      
EX20U.3 250x52,5x76 250x52,5x76N B1 B1      
EX20UR 250x52,5x76 250x52,5x76N B1 CA      
EX20UR 250x52,5x78 250x52,5x78N B1 CA      
EX20UR.1 250x52,5x76 250x52,5x76N B1 B1      
EX20UR.2C 250x52,5x78 250x52,5x78N B1 B1      
EX20UR.3 250x52,5x76 250x52,5x76N B1 B1      
EX21 260x109x35 300x52,5x72N B1 CA      
EX22 250x52,5x73 250x52,5x73N B1 CA      
EX22.1 250x107,5x36 250x52,5x73N B1 CA      
EX22.2 250x107,5x36 250x52,5x73N B1 CA      
EX24 300x109x35 300x109x35N B1 CA 300x52,5x72N B1 CA
EX25 300x109x37 300x109x37N B1 CA 300x52,5x76N B1 CA
EX25.1 300x52,5x76 300x52,5x76N B1 CA      
EX25.2 300x52,5x76 300x52,5x76N B1 CA      
EX26 300x109x37 300x109x37N B1 CA 300x52,5x76N B1 CA
EX27 300x109x37 300x109x37N B1 CA 300x52,5x76N B1 CA
EX27.U2 300x52,5x80 300x52,5x80N B1 B1      
EX27U 300x52,5x78 300x52,5x78N B1 CA      
EX29U 300x52,5x78 300x52,5x78N B1 CA      
EX30 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N B1 CA      
EX30.1 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N B1 CA      
EX30.2 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N B1 CA      
EX30U 300x55x80 300x55x80 B1 CA      
EX30UR 300x52,5x76 300x52,5x76N B1 CA      
EX30UR 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N B1 CA      
EX30UR.1 300x55x74 300x55x74 B1 B1      
EX30UR.2 300x55x74 300x55x74 B1 B1      
EX30UR.3 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N B1 B1      
EX32U 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N B1 CA      
EX32UE 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N B1 CA      
EX33 300x109x41 300x109x41N B1 CA 300x52,5x84N B1 CA
EX33MU 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N B1 CA      
EX33U 300x55x80 300x55x80 B1 CA      
EX35 300x55x82 300x55x82 B1 CA      
EX35.1 300x52,5x84 300x52,5x84N B1 CA      
EX35.2 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N B1 CA      
EX35U 300x52,5x86 300x52,5x86N B1 CA      
EX36U 300x52,5x86 300x52,5x86N B1 CA      
EX40.1 400x142x37 400x72,5x72W B1 CA      
EX40.2 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W B1 CA      
EX40.2PLUS 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W B1 CA      
EX40U 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W B1        
EX40UR 300x55x82 300x55x82 B1        
EX40UR.1 300x55x82 300x55x82 B1 CA      
EX40UR.2 300x55x82 300x55x82 B1 CA      
EX40UR.3 300x52,5x86 300x52,5x86N B1        
EX40URG 300x55x82 300x55x82 B1 CA      
EX45.1 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W B1        
EX45.2 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W B1        
EX50.1 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W B1        
EX50.2 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W B1        
EX50U 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72 B1        
EX50UR 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72 B1        
EX50UR.2 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72 B1 CB      
EX50URG 400x142x37 400x72,5x72 B1 CB      
EX50URG/3 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W B1 CA      
EX55 400x142x39 400x72,5x76W B1        
EX55 /1 400x72,5x76 400x72,5x76W B1 CA      
EX55/2 400x72,5x76 400x72,5x76W B1        
EX55/3 400x72,5x76 400x72,5x76W B1        
EX55UR 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W B1        
EX55UR.2 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72 B1 CA      
EX55UR.3 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72 B1 CA      
EX55URG 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72 B1 CA      
EX58MU 400x72,5x74 400x72,5x74 B1        
EX60 LC 450x81x78 450x81x78 B1 CA      
EX60 LC.2 450x81x76 450x81x76 B1 CA      
EX60 LC.3/1 450x81,5x76 450x81,5x76 B1 CA      
EX60 LC.5 450x81x78 450x81x78N B1 CA      
EX60 LC.7 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1 CA      
EX60 LCK.3B 450x81x76 450x81x76 B1 CA      
EX60.1 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1        
EX60.1L 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1 CA      
EX60.2/1 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1 CA      
EX60.2/2 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1 CA      
EX60.3 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1        
EX60.3/1 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1 CA      
EX60.3/2 450x81x72 450x81x72W B1 CA      
EX60.3/3 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1 CA      
EX60.5 450x81,5x74 450x81,5x74 B1        
EX60/1 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1        
EX60/2 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1        
EX60LC.3/2 450x81x76 450x81x76 B1 CB      
EX60UR/1 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1 CA      
EX60UR/2 450x81,5x72 450x81,5x72 A1 BA      
EX60URG.1 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1 CA      
EX60URG.2/1 450x81,5x76 450x81,5x76 B1 CA      
EX60URG.2/2 450x81x76 450x81x76 B1 CB      
EX60URG/1 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1 CA      
EX60URG/2 450x81,5x72 450x81,5x72 B1 BA      
EX7 180x72x36 180x72x36 CB        
EX7 180x72x37 190x72x37 CB CB 180x72x37 A1 CB
EX70 450x81x78 450x81x78 CA CA      
EX70U 450x81,5x78 450x81,5x78 CA CA      
EX70UR 450x81x76 450x81x76W CA CA      
EX75 450x81x76 450x81x76 CB CB      
EX75UR /1 450x81x72 450x81x72 B1 B1      
EX75UR.3/1 450x81,5x76 450x81,5x76 B1 B1      
EX75UR.3/2 450x81x76 450x81x76W B1 B1      
EX75UR.5 450x81,5x78 450x81,5x78 B1 B1      
EX75UR/2 450x81,5x72 450x81,5x72 B1 B1      
EX75UR/3 450x81x72 450x81x72W B1 B1      
EX75UR/4 450x81x76 450x81x76W B1 B1      
EX75US.7 450x81,5x78 450x81,5x78 B1 B1      
EX80 450x81,5x74 450x81,5x74 DA DA 200x72x42 A1 BA
HE10 230x72x42 230x72x42 CB CB 230x48x66 B1 CA
HE15 230x96x33 230x96x33 CB CB      
HM20 320x100x38 320x100x38 CB CB      
HM25 320x100x40 320x100x40 CB CB 230x48x66 B1 CA
ME15 230x96x33 230x96x33 CB CB      
ME155 230x72x42 230x72x42 CB CB      
ME15S 230x72x42 230x72x42 CB CB 230x48x62 B1 CA
SH15.2 230x96x31 230x96x31 CB CB      
SH30.2 300x55x80 300x55x80 CA CA      
SH45.2 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72 CA CA 230x72x42 A1 CB
UE004 200x72x42 200x72x42 BA BA      
UE10 230x72x42 230x72x42 CB CB      
UE12 230x72x42 230x72x42 CB CB 230x72x42 A1 CB
UE15 200x72x42 200x72x42 BA BA      
UE15 200x72x43 230x72x43 CB CB 230x72x42 A1 CB
UE15SR 200x72x42 200x72x42 BA BA      
UE15SR 200x72x43 230x72x43 BA BA      
UE20 320x100x38 320x100x38 CB CB      
UE30 300x52,5x84 300x52,5x84N CA CA      
UE30 320x100x44 320x100x44 CB CB      
UE35 300x109x42 300x52,5x86N CA CA      
UE40 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W CB CB      
UE45 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W CA CA      
UE50 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W CA CA      
ZAXIS 40U2 400x72,5x74 400x72,5x74N B1 CA      
ZAXIS 10U2 180x72x41 180x72x41K B2        
ZAXIS 110 500x92x78 500x92x78W B1        
ZAXIS 120 500x92x78 500x92x78W B1        
ZAXIS 135 500x92x84 500x92x84W B1        
ZAXIS 15 230x96x33 230x96x33 B1 CB      
ZAXIS 16 230x96x33 230x96x33 B1 CB 230x48x66 B1 CA
ZAXIS 18 230x96x33 230x96x33 B1 CB 230x48x66 B1 CA
ZAXIS 25 250x52,5x73 250x52,5x73N B1 CA      
ZAXIS 30 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N B1 CA      
ZAXIS 30U2 300x52,5x86 300x52,5x86N B1 CA      
ZAXIS 35 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N B1 CA      
ZAXIS 35U2 300x52,5x86 300x52,5x86N B1 CA      
ZAXIS 40 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W B1 CA      
ZAXIS 50 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W B1 CB      
ZAXIS 50U2 400x72,5x74 400x72,5x74N B1 CA      
ZAXIS 70   450x81,5x74 B1 CA      
ZAXIS 70LC 450x81,5x78 450x81,5x78 B1 CA      
ZAXIS 75US.3 450x81,5x78 450x81,5x78 B1 CA      
ZAXIS 80 450x81x76 450x81x76 B1 CB      
ZAXIS 80SB 450x81,5x74 450x81,5x74 B1 DA      
ZAXIS 85USBLC 450x81x76 450x81x76W B1 CA      
ZX16 230x96x33 230x96x33 CB        
ZX17U.2 230x96x35 230x96x35 B1 CB      
ZX18 230x96x33 230x96x33 CB        
ZX22U.2 250x52,5x77 250x52,5x77N B1        
ZX25 250x52,5x73 250x52,5x73N CA        
ZX27.3 0x0x0            
ZX27U.2 300x52,5x80 300x52,5x80N B1 CA      
ZX30 300x52,5x82 300x52,5x82N CA        
ZX30U.2 300x52,5x86 300x52,5x86N B1 CA      
ZX40 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W CB        
ZX50U 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W CB        
ZX55U 400x72,5x72 400x72,5x72W CA        
ZX70.4 450x81x74 450x81x74N CA        
ZX85 450x81x78 450x81x78          
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