Heavy duty vibratory rollers are suitable for compaction of non-cohesive materials such as gravel, crushed stone, sand-macadam mixture, sandy soil and rock filling etc. on base course sub-base and embankment fill construction etc., which are ideal equipment for high-class highway, railway, airport, harbors, dams and large-scale industrial ground etc.

High powerful Cummins Water cooled turbocharged diesel engine; Engine cooling air-path structure and large capacity of fuel tank.

Heavy-duty gearbox and driving axle assure reliability and smoothness of travel transmissions.

Dual amplitude setting of vibration; New types of vibration device and drum travel bearing structure.

Modernized style overall appearance; Driver's cabin with T type angular glasses.

Joint-moving mechanism of the clutch pedal with engine throttle; Adjustable instrument desk with liquid crystal instrument panel.

type unit RSS2103 RSS1903 RSS1703
operating mass kg 21000 19000 17000
STATIC Linear LOAD N/cm 483 437 391
Vibration amplitude mm 2.0/1.0 2.0/1.0 2.0/1.0
Vibration frequency Hz 28 28 28
Centrifugal force kN 360/220 340/200 320/180
Travel speed km/h 11.5 11.5 11.5
Gradeability % 35 35 35
Tuming radius mm 7500 7500 7500
Drum width mm 2130 2130 2130
Drum diameter mm 1600 1600 1600
Wheelbase mm 3430 3430 3430
Ground clearance mm 445 445 445
Diesel engine model   6BTA5.9 6BTA5.9 6BTA5.9
Diesel engine power KW 132 132 132
Overal dimensions mm 6600×2300×3000 6600×2300×3000 6600×2300×3000

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