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MG180 MG180
MG180 MG180

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Item MG180
Engine Rated output (KW) 140~160
Rated rve (r/min) 2200~2300
Operating Mass (kg) Standard Model/with rear ripper 15400/15400
Overall Dimension Standard Model 8800*2600*3400
Front bulldozing plate & Rear ripper Model 9900*2740*3400
Turning Articulated frame Angle Left 25°/Right 25°
Minimum Turning Radius (mm) ≤7500mm
Maximum climbing gradient (%)   ≥25%
Shovel Blade Length* Chord Height 3965*630mm
Maximum Depth in Ground 500mm
Maximum Angle of Inclination Left 76°/Right 117°
Angle of Revolution 360°
Cutting Angle Range 36°-66°
Front & Rear Axle Base   5985
Middle & Rear Wheel Axle Base   1542
Front & Rear Axle Wheel base   2150
Maximum Tractive force (φ=0.75)   80KN/80KN
Operating Enviroment Altitude (m) 2000~3800
Air Temperature ﹣30°~﹢45°

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